Sterling June 2021

June 2021, Another success Story.  My name is Sterling, and this is my story.  I was released from prison December 2019. I moved into B.I.M.A immediately after release. I was provided everything needed to make the best of my new living situation outside the gates of prison. Not only was I provided materialistic things (bedding, a room, closest storage organizers etc.) I was providing a safe home where I could do what I needed to do to change. Bridgette and her husband Marvin set goals with me and helped me achieve them. Unfortunately, my sister was murdered shortly after my release, and I moved out on impulse back to my stomping ground that led me to prison to begin with. I ended up getting into trouble again. After almost a year of being out of the BIMA house, Bridgette and Marvin accepting me back in. I needed to change. I needed a better life and they have helped me do that since day one of my release. I moved back in January 2021 and again set goals and achieved them. I yet again was provided with everything I needed. I have graduated my classes that Bridgette also provided me with. I am graduating DOC June 28th, 2021. I am a hard worker and an active member of society every day. My life has changed in tremendous ways, and I owe that to the B.I.M.A program and the hard work I put in because I had the right support backing me up. I am forever grateful and look forward to the rest of my life of freedom and happiness. I am happy to say that I will be getting married to the love of my life set for September 2022.  This program saves lives. I’m so thankful for the program and Bridgette and Marvin, don’t know where I’d be today with it or them.

Justin 2019

 In 2019, while in our infancy phase, BIMA open their first house and has served approx. 10 people in 2019.  We are proud to announce our first two graduates of BIMA’s housing program.  With written permission, we are sharing these resident’s success.
Justin was the first BIMA resident.  While living at BIMA house he obtained employment with a merit increase. In Less than 6 months, he was promoted to management.  Justin was determined to succeed.  He reunited with the love of his life and their children, married and moved with his family.

Justin writes “Because BIMA help me with new coping skills, strategies, and plans of action, I was able to move forward and get married, moving back with my family. This has been a very adequate waiting period for me as well as one of my main goals moving into the BIMA household. This has been a great experience, and absolutely helpful to me for myself and family. Thank you for all the assistance given by BIMA, yourself and Marvin. Much appreciated. Sincerely, Justin.”




 Our Second graduate is Rick.  After his wife passed, life became a hardship as he supported himself with his disability income. Rick was homeless and lived at the Tacoma Rescue mission for approx. 3 months. Prior to moving into BIMA House, he spent his days hanging out at the public library daily to pass the time of day.

As the second oldest resident, through BIMA Services, his leadership skills were clearly ready to be used.  His days quickly became full of purpose and opportunity.  Rick was hired as the BIMA house overseer. He also joined a monthly book club.  Through restoration, he realized his purpose and was hired as a volunteer with regular weekly hours at his local Goodwill. “Being disabled, I never thought I would work again.”  He graduated in March, 2020 and moved into a one-bedroom apartment.  He says he will continue to volunteer at Goodwill.  Rick wrote: “BIMA has been and continues to be a very important part of my life.  It rescued me when I was in the shelter dealing with life’s issues.  BIMA is very special to me.  Being involved in the first BIMA house and asked to be the overseer of the house made me so very proud.  BIMA has made an impression on me and my life.  I am going to continue to volunteer with BIMA and Goodwill.  Thank you BIMA for everything.”